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Information Technologiy
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Dedicated to LAMP Stack Development. Helping businesses by building web solution to promote products and services.

O2B, One to Business - Web Solutions, IT4BR develop web solution that promote innovative and edge of technology.
  • PHP, Zend Framework
  • JavaScript, Ajax ,jQuery, AngularJS
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL/PLSQL
  • LAMP Stack Development
  • CMS: Drupal & WordPress

About IT4BR


IT4BR is a Freelance web application developer seeking opportunities for growth and interested for new challenges toward to benefit and to contribute in company growth.
IT4BR design, build and supervise wep applications.
IT4BR Ensure the development and improvement of software systems. Collaborate with others business analysts and software architects to plan, design, develop, test, and maintain web-based business applications.
IT4BR Analyze and resolve technical and application problems.

O2B : One to Business - Web Solutions
IT4BR develop web solution that require an innovative and edge of technology.
IT4BR provide web services and develop web solutions with speed, efficiency and security.
IT4BR build web applications that meet the business needs.
IT4BR offer programming services with a quality-assurance at a reasonable fee.
IT4BR develop customised web application with efficiency and ease of use including an intuitive interface.
IT4BR profeciencies focuced in a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL and PHP).

Business Expertises
  • Provide programming language translation English & French.
  • Design and Build intuitive graphical user Interface.
  • IT4BR focus on developing web solution that helps achieving exactly what business needs.
  • IT4BR deliver web applications that is innovative based on edge technology.
  • IT4BR provide a quality services with the best deal.
Technologies used
PHP, Zend Framework, SQL
JavaScript, Ajax ,jQuery, AngularJS
RDBMS Servers
IT4BR develop web applications that meet your business needs.

What IT4BR does?
IT4BR is freelance software developer. IT4BR design and build dynamic web applications tailored to meet client requirements.
Website ready in 24 Hours

Get CSM quickly installed.

One to One Business Web Solutions.
IT4BR implements and helps you building your Content System Management ready as soon as you shall be amazed.
Development Methodology

IT4BR belief that the methodology is a process to ensure a quality project. Also IT4BR know that every business is unique so IT4BR opt to work closely with client in all development steps.

This collaborative approach allows IT4BR to develop and create more valuable result that suits the business needs and meets client expectations.

IT4BR Services

Web Application Development

IT4BR ensure software development with an approach that allows clients to follow the progress as well to be aware of the website layout and functions.

Design: Layout & Functionality

IT4BR study and analyse the requirements then propose the website layout and software functionality according to the requirements specifications.

Development & Coding

Once the functionalities of the website and the layouts are approved by the client IT4BR start coding and building the website.

Testing & Validation

IT4BR ensure that the website functions as planned. IT4BR make sure that the solution meets all the specific requirements

Implementation & Deployment

IT4BR ensure that users are pleased interacting with the end result. IT4BR assist and train along of the integration process. IT4BR support a long-term partnership to maximize process performance.

LAMP stack development

Several years experience designing, building and implementing web software using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
Experience designing databases and codding SQL using relational database
Experience back-end in codding PHP, SQL, Shell scripts
Experience front-end in coding HTML, Javascript, CSS
Profeciencies in Object Oriented Programming
Ability to understand the business requirments and architect a proper solutions
Excellent analytic and problem solving combined to the ability to apply new technologies

Outstandig programming solutions

IT4BR provide database design, coding and migration. Also, Build dynamic web applications, Implement RESTfull web services, Deploy CRUD-APIs, and much more.

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IT4BR is freelance web application developer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Provide Web development services across Canada. Available for working remoutly with a flexibility to work in client's site.

IT4BR offer clients innovative, flexible and customised services focused LAMP Stack development

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